A photo is forever… losing photos: how to avoid the worst nightmare

Everyone, at least once, has happened to mistakenly delete a photo or file from their PC or phone, to insert a memory card into the computer and magically find it unreadable, to drop a USB stick and discover that the computer can no longer read it. These things happen… mistakes, mishaps and even a bit of bad luck. Because technology is a great resource, but it hides more than a few pitfalls.

It happens, it happens a lot, and you only have to do a little Google search to realise how widespread this problem is and how many people are looking for programmes to recover mistakenly deleted files or photos…



…what if this happens with the wedding photos? What if the photographer loses them? How many times have I heard this question! How many times do couples live in dread that such a thing could happen. And they are right: the wedding day is unique and unrepeatable. Unique and unrepeatable are the emotions that are created, that magical network of relationships that unites the bride and groom, their families, friends, guests. And photographs are entrusted with the task of capturing and preserving forever every detail and all those moments that represent a little piece of paradise and deserve to be immortalised in photos that will remain forever.


But how can we avoid the terrible risk that those photos might be lost?
How can we protect them?

There is a solution, of course. And that is to rely on a professional to prepare the wedding in all its phases.

For example: have you ever wondered what the photographer does the night before the wedding? And what he does at the end of the wedding day?

The professional photographer follows every step of the process in detail. I have a precise and detailed programme of things to do, which allows me to have perfect organisation and to face the wedding day with confidence and serenity, with maximum concentration and being able to give my best.

1 – The night before the wedding, I prepare all the equipment for the next day: I charge the batteries (at least two for each camera), format all the cards, carefully clean the lenses of the cameras, put all the equipment in bags, so that everything is ready the next day.

2 – On the wedding day, from early in the morning until the evening, I follow the bride and groom at all times, from the preparations to the cutting of the cake, from the ceremony to the party and dancing.

3 – At the end of the day, I download the photos.

4 – Over the next few days I start processing the photos and layout of the album.

Of these four stages, the third is particularly important and only a truly professional photographer knows how to handle it best. It is a delicate phase, the most invisible and the least obvious, but it is the most important for the safety of the photos.

But let’s take a step back. The security of your photos starts on the wedding day. I, for example, use cameras that allow photos to be saved on two cards at the same time . This is the so-called ‘dual card writer’ technology: a very important first step to ensure the security of your photos as soon as they are taken, because it allows you to immediately make backup copies.

At the end of the day, there is the photo download, which, from the memory cards installed on the camera, copies the files to the PC. To work in a maximum security situation, before deleting my cards, I make four copies of your photos in four different hard disks, located in two different locations. In this way, not only do I prevent any possible breakage of the hard disk, but by storing the hard disks in physically different and spaced locations, I also protect myself from the risk of any theft or electrical accidents.


Since 2020, I have also increased cloud backup.

It is a complex and also very expensive procedure (which is why not everyone follows it and often prefers cheaper, simpler… and more dangerous solutions), but your photos are too valuable to take even the slightest risk. It is the only way to guarantee your total safety.

When choosing a photographer, do not forget to also choose technological security and a serious and effective working method: your photos are unrepeatable and deserve all the attention and care possible.

Vuoi anche tu dare forma al racconto del tuo matrimonio con emozionanti fotografie spontanee?