My couples say about me…

A certainty!


“Mirko from engagement (which strategic advise) to the album has been delivered every day for confirmation. E ‘has been able to meet all our needs, first of all on-time we wanted to have in arriving first at church and then to the restaurant, without making our guests wait too long. He promised it and so it was! With his simplicity and sympathy he managed to break the shyness of both us and our guests. Who would have thought that we would have fun to have us photographed? We chose Mirko primarily for the naturalness of her photos. It is not enough to have beautiful photos that tell your wedding. Mirko’s photos are alive, they capture forever unique emotions.
We could, we would choose Mirko again and again! “

Jacopo and Ilaria


Extraordinarily recommended!!!


I discovered Mirko through the photos of mutual friends. I was so fascinated and amazed by him that I decided that he would be the one to narrate Our Best Day.
On the day of the meeting, I had ‘zero expectations to avoid disappointment’ in my head, but as his Follower by now, it was impossible not to think of the top.
We arrived at his studio… a corner of design and elegance just a few steps from the historic centre. We start talking and after a few minutes we already seem to know each other. We set off for the pre-wedding, anxiety, embarrassment and agitation after the first shots disappeared, and Mirko began to become our companion on this journey. The Day arrives and by now we feel at ease, and he is there like a great counsellor, ready to wring a laugh out of you if he sees you tense up or to correct your position with a glance!
In a year, 2020, which for the whole world will be remembered as the most ominous year in history, for us it will be the year of our YES.
While some relatives asked us “but are you sure” Mirko gave us serenity and security, reminding us as a romantic eternal dreamer, how “Love can do anything”. Today, with our memories in his hands, brilliantly immortalised as only a True Professional can do, I understand how the perfect detail corrects a piece of music making it Harmony.

Elia and Irene


Great professional and, above all, perfectionist!


“Between the indecision of the choice of the various suppliers, what pushed us towards the choice of this formidable photographer who is Mirko was the quality of his work … and his albums! A TOP product that will remain under our eyes for We loved our life so much !!! Even his collaborator for videos satisfied us … we would choose them a thousand and thousand times!
Photos and videos, an invaluable memory! “

Simone and Elisa


I couldn’t make a better choice!


A girl has been imagining, idealising and dreaming of her wedding day since she was a child, and every time I came across the publication of wedding services on social media, I wondered what mine would be like, whether it would meet expectations, and whether it would be able to fully describe the beauty of that day in the hope of imprinting such a unique emotion in her memory. Thanks to Mirko, his skill and passion, all this was possible! I couldn’t have made a better choice! Thanks again.

Andrea and Sara


Without him a piece would have been missing


“I chose Mirko at the first handshake. For our wedding we were looking for a photographer who was not ‘a burden’, who was not ‘forced photos’, who was not ‘I am the photographer and I tell you what to do’. Ours had to be real photos, spontaneous photos born by chance on the best day of our lives.With Mirko that day it was like having an extra friend to take our photos.I would recommend him to anyone!”

Stefano and Fabiola


Lots of commitment and professionalism


Mirko is really good at making sure he creates the best situation to capture the most beautiful shots. He convinced us because he believes in the pre-wedding service, and he was right. My bride couldn’t wait to take more photos after that service.What’s more, the day after the event she sent us around 30 photos.That is professionalism and great service. Really reliable, you can count on Mirko!

Davide and Fiorenza


The best choice we could have made!!!


“You accompanied us always with immense professionalism, you had an indescribable patience since the pre-wedding, you made us have fun in every shot, playing down and putting aside any embarrassment, you solved all our fears … For the photos well, I would say that they speak dasole…. The best choice we could have made!!! THANK YOU so much to you and your assistants!!! You guys are awesome!!! ❤️🔝🔝🔝

Fabio and Laura


Simply fantastic!


“He was able to meet all our needs, making us feel comfortable at all times.The photos are wonderful, with brilliant ideas, the result of great experience, technique and sensitivity. All the guests were surprised and amazed by the photos that look like paintings. The thing that sets it apart, that there are many spontaneous photos that capture a lot of emotions. Not to mention the album… Simply fantastic. Thank you Mirko’

Lorenzo and Tanya


Highly recommended!


I absolutely have to recommend Mirko! Premising that both my husband and I are not photography lovers, Mirko managed to put us at ease and make us smile right from the pre-wedding (really useful to loosen up a bit in front of the lens!).Moreover, during the wedding he was of absolute discretion and professionalism.Always available to accommodate our every request and great at making excellent suggestions.

Alessandro and Arianna


Exceptional photographer


Exceptional photographer, professional, precise, detail-oriented and a maniac for detail… the professional that a unique day, such as your wedding, deserves.

A guarantee. Our acquaintance and relationship with Mirko began months before the wedding, through a few meetings first, then a few shots.

His willingness to understand our needs and not disappoint our expectations turned out to be the winning weapon, and the result was exceptional!

Tommaso and Francesca


A true professional!


“Attention to detail, detail and the pursuit of perfection make Mirko a true wedding professional!

He manages to capture the excitement of that moment in a timeless shot and this is what made us fall in love with his way of working.

We managed to feel comfortable in front of his goal thanks to the engagement that allowed us to get to know each other and get to know Mirko as well as having a beautiful memory of this so unique and exciting period!

We are very satisfied with the photos of our wedding and would recommend Mirko because he is truly a competent person who does his job with passion and dedication! “

Michele and Alessia


The perfect photographer

“Our wedding was a dream; through photography we relive the same emotions every time; your work is a mirror that reflects reality exactly.

You were truly professional both for the final result and humanly.

It was a fortune for us foreigners and an honor to have had you with us for the most beautiful day of our life. Thank you very much for the excellence of your work! “

Laurent and Sandra


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