Autumn wedding? The smart choice!

There are many symbols and legends for which orange blossoms are associated with marriage. Certainly they are the flowers that bloom in spring, the season that, along with summer, is most often chosen for weddings.

But are you really sure they are the only seasons suitable for a wedding? Have you ever thought about autumn?

So many times the autumn wedding is perceived as a second choice and I often gather the concern of brides-to-be who wonder about the end result of an autumn photo. Will it be too dark? Gloomy? Sad


The right season, a refined choice

And, on the other hand, an autumn wedding can be an elegant, refined choice, full of surprises, and can offer the bride and groom many advantages, not least of which is that of having truly magical photographs. I think of the wonderful colours of nature, I think of the evocative atmospheres, of a milder climate, which will spare the bride and groom and their guests the torrid heat of some summer days.


Light, the great protagonist

But let us proceed in order. And let us start with the great protagonist of any good photograph: light. The common belief is that summer light is better, because the sun is stronger, the days are longer and there is a greater likelihood of good weather. The truth is that the gentle golden light of autumn, the slant of the sun’s rays, the reflection on the red, yellow and ochre leaves create a unique magic. On the other hand, the history of photography confirms this: the most famous landscape photographers took some of their best pictures in autumn and winter, because, unbelievable but true, the light of summer is not only not the most beautiful, but on the contrary, it is the most difficult to handle and the most ‘dangerous’.

Why? The sun is high in the sky, the light is blinding, the rays, especially in the middle hours of the day, descend perpendicularly on the earth, creating sharp, sharp shadows, accentuating every imperfection in the face and preventing us from keeping our eyes open and relaxed. How often in summer photos do we keep our eyes closed and squinted?


Nature, climate, landscape: the allies of celebration

And again: while it is true that in summer you are more certain to have good weather (although the risk of thunderstorms, alas, is always there), even on a sunny day there is often mist due to the humidity and high temperature. In autumn, on the other hand, the sky can be as clear and sharp as ever, the air clear and bright, and the sunsets have strong, intense, striking colours.

And then, think of the landscapes: nature in summer lives its fullness, but, often, the vegetation suffers from heat and drought. In autumn, on the other hand, the trees dress in warm colours, yellow, red and orange transform the leaves and reflect the sunlight, giving it new vibrations. Think of the beauty of the vineyards, the auburn colours of the beech trees, the palette of colours that never cease to amaze us.

The days, then, are shorter and the sunset, with its unique light, will arrive earlier and this will allow the bride and groom to take beautiful photos in the twilight light without having to leave their guests and give up part of the party.

A milder climate, a softer light, a landscape with warmer colours: everything will take place in a more relaxed atmosphere; faces, in photographs, will be more relaxed, without dark circles or squinting eyes; nature will give us a setting with warm, romantic, delicate, striking colours.

So, long live the autumn wedding: a refined, elegant choice, waiting to be discovered!

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