DOP Emotions

I don’t know whether it was the allure of vintage, a bit of nostalgia, the desire to reuse an object to which so many memories are attached or, much more banally, the desire to put some order back into the attic. But, after years, I put my old record player back into use. I dusted it off, plugged it into the stereo system, replaced the needle, et voila: gentlemen, here is ‘the’ music. The one that moves you, that gets inside you, the one that is warm and alive, that tastes of concreteness because a speck of dust is enough to change the sound.


It is that music you only listen to after that bit of effort and precision that a turntable requires: a vinyl to be handled with care, the careful cleaning of all elements, the needle to be carefully positioned, the platter speed to be selected.
Nothing to do with digital music, with mp3s, with the universe of songs that we can listen to with a simple mobile phone, easily carrying with us a huge amount of music, to be heard anywhere, anytime, without effort. A technically perfect solution, but cold, incapable of conveying the same emotions and atmospheres as vinyl.

It is the same with photographs. Technology today allows us to do things that were unimaginable just a few years ago. If a mobile phone is enough to take beautiful photographs, imagine what a professional photographer, with years of study and experience behind him and state-of-the-art equipment, can do.

Yet experience, study, camera are not enough. Because technically perfect photos are not enough, sharp images are not enough, special effects added in post production are not enough. The bride and groom do not need an impeccable, cold album, which could be the same as that of a thousand other couples or the same as any photo shoot in a fashion magazine dedicated to the wedding theme.

Newlyweds need someone to tell their story. The one that started from their first meeting, their first kiss, their quarrels, their making up, their first date, their learning to love each other. The one into which, little by little, their families and friends entered. The one that is unique and unrepeatable, the one that will overcome all difficulties, the one that is splendid and more beautiful than all the others, the one that led them to want to say ‘yes’ to each other forever.


This is what the photographer must be able to tell.

Not a glossy, perfect but cold photo album, but a real album, unique, unrepeatable, that can catapult you into a universe of memories, of beauty, of emotions. A true album, which can only come into being if the bride and groom are in tune with the photographer, if they have begun to see in him not just a supplier, but almost a friend, with whom they can open up and tell their stories, with whom they can bring out the best in themselves, with whom they can feel at ease and tell their emotions, anxieties, fears, dreams, memories.

This is the ‘RealWed’ method: not just photographic technique, not just the use of state-of-the-art professional equipment, not just precision. The story of your special day will be nourished by the empathy that we will have created, by the relationship that we will have built from our first meeting and that will have allowed us to get to know each other and get in tune. Because, much more than technique, people count, relationships count, feeling and the desire to get in tune and tell your story in an authentic way counts.

Only in this way will your wedding photos be unique, only in this way will they tell the story of your love in a sincere and genuine way, only in this way will the album not only be technically perfect, but it will have that flicker of life and authenticity, that unique charge of emotion capable of awakening a thousand memories and making your heart beat faster.

Just like that vinyl record, where everything, even a speck of dust, is precious and full of life.

Vuoi anche tu dare forma al racconto del tuo matrimonio con emozionanti fotografie spontanee?