Dummy effect

What will our wedding photo album look like? Will we be beautiful and spontaneous? Will I seem too low-fat-high-lean? Will we be able to cover the first fine lines that, alas, can already be seen? All the spouses I meet in the studio before their wedding have a thousand worries about the photo shoot. They know that their wedding photographs will be a very important testimony of the emotions experienced that day.


However, the photos do not always meet the expectations of those who are photographed: according to a recent study, 78% of couples who married between 2016 and 2018 are unhappy with the photos of their wedding. Even those who have relied on professionals have some disappointments and not because the photographer has not been able to mask and correct some flaws, but because the emotions photographed lack spontaneity. Often the spouses are not satisfied with the expressions that appear on their faces on the day of their wedding. They are expressions that, to the spouses themselves, appear unrealistic and unable to reflect and tell the mood of that day and the emotions experienced.

The truth is that on the wedding day the bride and groom are submerged by a great deal of emotions: joy because the big day has arrived, a pinch of fear for the big step they are about to take, happiness in having family and friends around, anxiety because everything has to be perfect. And in addition, the tiredness of the preparations and, perhaps, some sleepless nights. It is a whirlwind of emotions that is not easy to manage.

And since the face, the gaze, the body reflect what is in the soul, here are photographs with drawn and tired smiles, at times a little forced, expressions that are only feignedly serene, but behind which you can see a beating heart a thousand, a little breath, anxiety and happiness that constantly change and walk hand in hand.
It is not easy for the newlyweds to feel comfortable and too many times the photographer is not very helpful because he simply indicates which pose to put himself under, which light, which expression and everything ends there. The result is photographs without a soul, fake, which do not tell the emotions experienced by the spouses at that moment and which, over time, will not be able to arouse the memories and joys of the most beautiful day.


So how do you get fully spontaneous photographs that reflect the real emotional state of the couple when they are photographed on the wedding day?

Using the RealWed Method, which totally eliminates that sense of embarrassment that assails the little accustomed to posing in front of a photographic lens, bringing out true and spontaneous emotions.

The RealWed method allows you to create a real harmony with the spouses and their families, managing to bring out all the truth and concreteness of their feelings.
It is thanks to the empathy created with the spouses, through the use of the RealWed Method, that the story of the love story will be authentic and alive.

Vuoi anche tu dare forma al racconto del tuo matrimonio con emozionanti fotografie spontanee?