Getting photographed? No fear, just splendour and spontaneity!

With his simplicity and friendliness, he managed to break the shyness of both us newlyweds and our guests. Who would have thought we would enjoy having our photo taken? (★★★★★ Jacopo and Ilaria)

For our wedding we were looking for a photographer who was not ‘a burden’, who was not ‘forced photos’, who was not ‘I am the photographer and I tell you what to do’. Ours had to be real photos, spontaneous photos born by chance on the best day of our lives. With Mirko that day it was like having an extra friend to take our photos. (★★★★★ Stefano and Fabiola)


The bride and groom’s first challenge: being the centre of attention

Rehearsing a speech in front of the mirror and public speaking. Humming in the shower or performing on a stage. Trying on a dress in the dressing room or walking the catwalk.

You know, knowing that someone is watching us, feeling the gaze of others on us, being the centre of attention, can make us deeply embarrassed. It is the same when we find ourselves in front of a photographic lens, especially if this happens on a day that is already so full of expectations, of emotions, of expectations like the wedding day. That mix of tension, happiness, trepidation, combined with the fear of not looking good in the photos, the discomfort of being observed by relatives, friends, florist, hairdresser, photographer, beautician… can give a devastating result: fake photos, in which one perceives more the effort to look-beautiful-and-sorry-despite-the-emotion than the authenticity of such a special day as a wedding.

It has happened to me many times: I have met brides and grooms so tense about the logistical details of the party, for fear that something would go wrong, for fear that the photos would turn out badly, that, in the end, they were the ones who did not enjoy the day.


The photographer’s eye

Instead, the bride and groom are the protagonists: it is their special day, the one they have longed for, waited for, prepared with care, and they must be able to live it happily, serenely, knowing that those around them are not inquiring glances, but are the eyes of people who love them and share their joy.

And the photographer’s eye is the first one to have to look at them in this way: the photographer is a bit like the director of the day, the one who will guide the timing of the party, the one who will capture all the details and, of all those present, will be the one who will spend the most time with the bride and groom, from the morning preparations to the evening dances and the cutting of the cake.

That is why the photographer must, first and foremost, be an ally.


Empathy, understanding, spontaneity: the RealWed method

This is exactly what I do thanks to the RealWed method, the only one that does not start with a simple photographic technique, but allows me to create a real empathy with my bride and groom. A relationship that is built from the very first meetings, that is strengthened with the pre-wedding service and that on the wedding day allows us to move in perfect harmony.

You and your fiancé will be confident, perfectly at ease, calm and serene, both with the guests and with me. You will have no fears or embarrassments, but you will be able to express your joy and emotion with naturalness and simplicity, and your photo shoot will not be a simple chronology of the day, but an authentic, full of life, sincere story: it will speak of you and no one else, because those photographs will have captured the unique characteristics of your love, your story, the details of the party, the unique aspects of your characters, your lives, your families, the friends who share the joy of that day.

That is why the photographic story realised with the RealWed method, thanks to the simplicity and frankness of a relationship built over time between you and me, is truly unique and special: because every couple is different, inimitable and deserves to be told in its being unrepeatable and beautiful.

Vuoi anche tu dare forma al racconto del tuo matrimonio con emozionanti fotografie spontanee?