If there were no anxiety…

A phone call like many, but different from all the others. “Love make yourself beautiful tonight … I’ll take you out to dinner!”. And so you prepare for an evening with your him. The make-up, the manicure, the curling iron, that slightly special perfume, a new dress, which you have carefully chosen and kept in the closet for some nice occasion. Shimmering earrings, a bracelet that clinks and … voila, he is waiting for you under the house (maybe already for a quarter of an hour), but finally you are ready.

And then, what was to be “just” a special evening, turns into a life-changing evening. Suddenly, during dinner, when you least expect it, he, with a sly and excited smile, pulls out a box, opens it and says “Love, will you marry me?”.

It is not clear to you whether it is all true or a film. If that slightly tense boy who is in front of you, and who also put on a suit and tie tonight, is the same guy you knew when you were still teenagers, the one who made your heart beat and your head spin, what every so much makes you angry and that he chooses the soccer game with friends instead of going out with you, the one who forgets birthdays and who instead, tonight, wore the dress of the prince charming.

And the answer can only be a “yes”
full of enthusiasm, joy, gratitude.

From that “yes”, from that dinner, from that romantic evening, a beautiful, unique, overwhelming period begins: the preparation of the wedding.

Suddenly you will have to think about a thousand things: the flowers, the dress, the restaurant, the invitations, the table arrangement, the music, the shoes, the makeup, the hairdo, the witnesses, the favors . Maybe you already have many things in mind, like in a film you’ve seen and dreamed a thousand times.

In your head and in your hearts you start writing the script of that magnificent day and the more you get into the preparations, the more the emotion grows. But also the tension. Everything will be fine? Will you like my dress? Will the restaurant we have chosen be too far away? What if it rains? Did we invite everyone or did we forget someone? Should we add a course to the menu? And do I do well to get married? And what will I do when he goes to soccer?

The fears will concern the small details and the great choice you are about to make. You will perhaps be tense, anxious, frightened, sometimes you will not be able to sleep or concentrate on work, because you will be immersed in thoughts, dreams, expectations, checklists of things to do. You will live constantly suspended between the fear that that day will come too quickly and the impatience to say your yes.

But all of this is normal. This is what all the spouses and all the brides live. Preparing the wedding is a beautiful, difficult, rewarding thing.
But you are not alone. It’s not just you two who organize. You have your parents, your friends, many people who support you. And you can also have a special helper, whom you may not have thought of yet: the photographer!

Yes, you read that right … the photographer!

Of all the suppliers who will help you prepare for the wedding, he is truly the only one who will accompany you at any time of the day and will be with you from dawn until the end of the party. Everyone else will take care of only some aspect of the day. The photographer, on the other hand, will share every moment. He will see every detail, he will help you manage the times and enjoy every moment. The photographer not only has a long experience and has seen many weddings, but he will also know how to connect with you, to understand what you want and what you care about most. It will be he, with his goal, to immortalize every moment. He will have the task of telling the day, not in a simple chronology of events, but with the ability to bring out and narrate with images all the whirlwind of emotions that will overwhelm you, some particular nuance of your relationship, the details of the your character and those characteristics that make your couple unique.

What your wedding album will be, should not simply be a collection of perhaps beautiful, perhaps technically perfect photos. But you must be “you”, just you, with your story, your style, your way of being. They will have to be unique photos, which speak of you and tell your hearts. For this reason, it will be important to get in tune with the photographer, get to know him and meet him before the big day, to tell him about you, what you have in common, what makes you similar and what makes you different.

The photographer will have to become almost a friend, who knows you, with whom a glance is enough to understand each other, who knows how to bring out the best in you.

Vuoi anche tu dare forma al racconto del tuo matrimonio con emozionanti fotografie spontanee?