The Realwed method

Have you ever tried to take a selfie or have a picture taken reproducing exactly the same pose and the same smile as that beautiful model you had seen on the cover of the fashion magazine? She is gorgeous, enchanting, seductive in a natural, soft and harmonious pose.
You instead artificial and static as if you were blocked by the hit of the witch. And to say it is the exact same position. The background is similar, you arranged your hair, carefully made up, you also pulled back that bacon and chose your best side. But nothing. Your photography does not emanate the same naturalness and emotional spontaneity. What’s wrong? Why is the difference between the two photographs so obvious?

It is not that thread of bacon, nor that pimple that the corrector has not been able to completely cover. It is simply the fact that in that photograph you attempted to imitate someone else by leaving yourself aside.

The risk is that this may also happen on your wedding day.

You will wear clothes that are decidedly different from everyday ones, elegant, beautiful, demanding. You will have a hairdresser, barber, beautician at your complete disposal. Everything will revolve around you. You will be the protagonists, you will find yourself at the center of the stage, with an “audience” that will only look at you, you will have to follow the “protocol” of an intense and very long day.
And, the risk is that of finding yourself playing the part of the perfect spouses and, in fact, being imprisoned in the role, without being able to bring out anything of what you really are.

And so it could also be for your photographs because being in front of a photographer’s lens is very different from taking a selfie with friends.
You are the absolute protagonist of the shot. You could have in front of you a guy that you have seen yes and no once to agree on the estimate and who now falls into your room while you are getting dressed, flashes and various lights, and begins to give you a series of commands to perform carefully and precision because it is already getting late and the start of the ceremony is approaching: look here, look there, smile, approach the window, look at mom, look at dad, look at me.

And while you would like to have a moment to think, rearrange ideas and say to yourself “but I’m really getting married, what a joy”, the perfect stranger, as if nothing had happened, will continue to draw your attention to reality and the series of look there – look here – look at me – look up – look down which, at some point, will transform you into an automaton and make you lose sight of the essential things.

The photos may be technically perfect, but you won’t be in those photos. Those photos will not talk about you and above all they will not tell your emotions.


The Realwed method

One of the brides I photographed, reviewing the album, wrote to me: “Mirko, I hate profile photos, but I like yours in yours! So … it’s really your merit. “
With Ilaria and her husband Jacopo we have built a great harmony that made them completely at ease during the photo shoot. They opened up and let themselves be carried away by my way of working and so I was able to capture the spontaneity of their emotions and give shape to the story of their wedding with “special” photographs.

This is possible only by changing the approach to wedding photography by working on the human aspect, on the relationship, on the knowledge between photographer and spouses.

Through the Real Wed method it is possible to photograph the authentic emotions of marriage by totally eliminating that sense of embarrassment that makes the newlyweds feel awkward and nervous by returning a photographic story with spectacular spontaneous photographs.


Vuoi anche tu dare forma al racconto del tuo matrimonio con emozionanti fotografie spontanee?