Minimonio, micro wedding, minimonia. The new trend is less is more!

Minimonio, micro wedding, minimonia. Whatever you want to call it, the new trend for weddings is under the banner of less is more, in other words, essentiality and minimalism: eliminate excess, bring everything back to essentiality, return to the heart of things, avoid waste. The new trend comes from the United States and brings news in Italy too, where more and more married couples are choosing to organise micro-ceremonies (hence the term minimonia) in an intimate form.



But if you think that the minimonium is a sign of approximation and neglect, you are sadly mistaken. On the contrary, microwedding is about attention to detail, ethical and eco-friendly choices, and refinement.

What, then, is microwedding?

These are weddings where the number of guests is very small and you are limited to family members or at most close friends. Nothing is given up that makes the party special: a picturesque location, specially designed flower arrangements, the wedding cake, the dress and the photographer. But all in a simpler and more essential version, with reduced costs because the number of guests decreases, without giving up the small, special, well-kept details.

On the contrary, a simpler wedding, with fewer guests and fewer expectations, leaves more room for creativity, attention to detail, the choice of special locations, a certain elasticity in the organisation of the day, and the bride and groom’s freedom to choose the symbols and traditions that most reflect them.

In short, a more authentic and simple context, in which the absence of excesses, large numbers, and organisational complications leaves the bride and groom more serene and relaxed, and freer to concentrate on the real meaning of that day: their saying yes, their choosing each other forever.

If microwedding was widespread during the pandemic period, during which it was not really possible to organise the big parties that Italian tradition has accustomed us to, today there are many couples who choose this line with greater awareness and with the desire to be freer and more serene. And often, today those who choose microwedding also do so to emphasise an ethical commitment and respect for nature. Green light, therefore, to solidarity favours, eco-sustainable choices in terms of location and suppliers, and green options that respect the environment and protect nature.

Less is more: because you have to know how to choose what really counts. And if for your wedding you too have decided to choose the essential, I am ready to stand by your side and accompany you along this path with a photography that pays attention to details, to small details, capable of going to the heart of things, of capturing the essential and recounting all the beauty of a love so strong and happy that it does not need great things, but knows how to live everyday life with simplicity, accompanied by beautiful things and the most cherished affections.

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