Pose or not pose? Built photo or reportage? Here’s how to make the right choice!

Pose or not pose? Built photo or wedding reportage? An album with perfect photos, in which all the details are studied at the table, with the same perfection as a photo studio shooting or a series of photos in which the photographer tells the whole day of the wedding as if he was making almost a “documentary” ?

Often this is one of the great dilemmas of the spouses, who seek the solution and think that the style chosen is the criterion for identifying the right photographer for them…

Almost always the idea of spending the wedding day standing motionless in plastic poses, waiting for the photographer to find the right light and the right shot discourages them.

And this at least for two reasons:

– the first is that most of us have never been photographed by a professional photographer and the idea of feeling framed and observed by a photographic lens is not exactly what makes us feel more comfortable. Indeed, very often it puts us deeply embarrassed.

– The second reason is that the spouses want to enjoy the party, to be with friends, family, with all those who are sharing such an important moment in their life. And, rightly, they don’t want to go away for hours to take photos, photos, photos and more photos until the perfect shot.


And so, almost always the first thing the spouses ask is: no pose!

Actually the question should not be reckoned as well. The problem is not “pose or non pose”, “constructed photo or reportage photo”. The problem is the approach to photography and the way we deal with the photo shoot.


Being photographed must be an additional reason for fun and joy during the party.

It must be a great little adventure to look at yourself with other eyes, to see what the expert gaze of a photographer can capture us, to immortalize in a series of unforgettable images the most beautiful day of our life, the day that marks the beginning of a new family. That’s why the wedding photo shoot must be perfect and true, impeccable and spontaneous, technically excellent and full of joy and authenticity.


How to do it?

 What I propose is my method, the RealWed method, with which a relationship of understanding and empathy is created immediately between me and the spouses. Together, already in the days before the wedding, we imagine what the final result will be, we agree on the details, we get in tune.

I do not propose pre-established solutions, but, together with the couple, I build an ad hoc proposal, which allows the spouses to feel perfectly at ease and know what to do that day.

If they wish, I always advise to also do a “engagement” service: a nice way to tell their love story, but also an excellent tool to get familiar with the camera and with me, to experiment with photographic solutions in advance best and arrive calm and peaceful on your wedding day.

The truth is that no beautiful photo can be built only with technique or only with improvisation: in the first case, we would have perfect and cold photos, unable to speak, to tell, to return emotions. In the second case there is the risk of being confusing, of losing important elements, of never having that photograph capable of striking, enchanting, moving.


Technique and spontaneity, the perfect mix!

Technique and spontaneity must be dosed in a perfect and balanced mix that allows everyone to give their best, that allows the spouses to bring out all their joy, their emotion, their characters in an authentic and spontaneous way and that allows the photographer to to work giving the best of oneself and making use of years of study, work, experience, with the certainty of having already built a deep understanding with the spouses, of being able to communicate with them with a single glance, helping them manage time and to live serenely and joyfully every moment of the day.

Only in this way will the photo shoot on the wedding day be a moment of beauty and lightness, which will only add joy and fun to a truly special and unique day.

Vuoi anche tu dare forma al racconto del tuo matrimonio con emozionanti fotografie spontanee?