Will I have the memory of details?

When preparing your wedding, the to-do list is very long. And the deeper you get into the preparations, the more you discover how many things you have to think about and how many details will require your attention and energy. You will look at the small nuances of colour, the ribbon of the wedding favours, the thickness of the cardboard of the invitations, the stitching of the dress, the rice bags, the table settings and the presentation of the food, and perhaps it will seem to you a matter of vital importance to choose between shades of pink and powder, between creamy white and ivory white. You will prepare everything with great care.



And then that day will come… you will be a little tense, a lot happy, deeply excited. You will be overwhelmed with hugs, greetings, good wishes, kisses. You will start your day very early and in no time you will find that it is already evening, it is time to greet the guests and hand over the favours, your heart will be bursting with joy and you will have the strange sensation of being empty-headed… will that powder puff have gone well in the end? But then, did the restaurant put the place cards at a 45 degree angle as we had asked?

You will realise that you did not pay attention to so many things that you thought were very important and that the only thing that was really important to you was him, was her: the one who is now your wife, the one who is now your husband.

And you will be right, because your love is the only thing that matters.

Yet, the small details, the ones you did not have time, strength, concentration to see and scrutinise, are the DNA of your wedding. They are those details that, one by one, form the scenography of your celebration and give that unique mood to your event. They are those choices that you made during the months of preparation and that tell the story of your approach to the wedding, of your learning to meet each other and perhaps compromise (maybe he would not have spent so much time choosing between powder and light pink… but it was important to her and so, together, you learnt to confront each other and find an agreement). The details of a wedding day are many, they are little pieces of you, they tell your character, your tastes, your soul.

And, in time, you will discover that details are like the pillars supporting the house of your memories. They are the picks that allow you to open the chest of your memories and help you remember (re-remember… bring back to your heart) everything vividly, colourfully, truly.

That is why photos of the details really cannot be missing from your wedding album.

While you are completely absorbed in your joy and your party, the photographer will be your watchful eye and will collect, with his pictures, all the little details that will bring authenticity to your memories. And when you look at the photos again, you will discover, from all those details, that your party was even more beautiful than you had imagined, that everything went according to your wishes and, indeed, you will be surprised at how wonderful everything was. And those memories will accompany you in your new life as a couple, reminding you every day of the magic of your love.

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